Rose City Astronomers Forum Instructions

To Get directly to the RCA Web Based Forum - http://www.rosecityastronomers.org/forum/simple - for members only communications.

To get back to the RCA website at any time, just click on the Rose City Astronomers Artwork at the top of every page.

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  The RCA Web Based Forum is maintained by the Rose City Astronomers as a virtual gathering place for our members to share information and conversation with other members about our passion - ASTRONOMY. It is also used by the club officers to keep members informed about star parties, meetings and other club news and business - and all members are strongly encouraged to register on the Forum.

  It is set up so that only registered RCA members can view the forum, start new topics, or reply to posts on the Forum. For information about joining the RCA, go to Membership.

  This Forum is highly customizable to suit a users interests and desire for monitoring Forum activity. On one extreme, you can receive a personal email notifying you of every new topic started and an email with the text of every reply posted in every topic. Or, you can turn off any or all these notifications and choose to find out what's being discussed by visiting the Forum.

  RCA Forum will allow any RCA member find out about last minute star parties, view current topics, and observe the communications of RCA members on the Forum. You must sign up for the RCA Forum in order to observe the posts on any of the topics in the Forum, send messages to the Forum, or receive notifications about RCA news bulletins about club activities.

To Sign up for the RCA Members Only Forum:

The RCA Forum is a benefit of RCA membership and only current RCA members can sign up and view, or post messages on the forum. Email addresses are not seen by anyone except the Forum Administrator..

If you wish to sign up for the RCA Forum, send a message to the Forum Administrator and include your real name and email address. Once your membership has been checked you will receive a message from the Forum and a second message from the Forum Administrator.
........Note: You can change your email address later if you wish.

Note: we do not give out email addresses nor are they visible on the Forum to anyone.

You will receive two messages at the email address you entered which will let you know that we have your correct email address and that your registration request has been accepted and it will include your login and password. Please login into the forum order to confirm your email address and finalize your registration on the RCA Forum.
    Note: Don't forget to change you password at this time also.

We've had to use this process of registration on the forum due to an extreme number of spammers attempting to gain access to the forum.

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Layout of the RCA Web Based Forum

The RCA Forum is made up of several CATEGORIES established by the Forum Administrators
   (think file cabinets).

In each Category, there are several BOARDS for discussion about a more specific subject
   (think file drawers).

In each Board, are TOPICS that are unique to a particular question or information (think file folders).

Any POST to a Topic starts a "thread" of related posts on that topic subject (think memos).

A good place to start your first foray to the Forum is to look within the Category 'Welcome' at the Board 'How To Use This Forum" and check out all of the Topics in that Board. Quick Start Guides on 'How to Use This Forum' HERE.

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Easiest way to find the latest posts on the Forum

When you login into to the Forum at the top of the Home page there are links that allows you to

"View the most recent posts on the forum"
"Show unread posts since last visit".


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Want to be 'Notified" of new topics, posts, or replies to your post?

When you are looking at a board, topic, or post on the Forum - at the extreme right-hand side of the screen just under the RCA artwork is the option to turn on or turn off [NOTIFY]. Turning it on when you are looking at a board will notify when a new topic is started.
...Turning it on when you are looking at a topic will notify you when a new post occurs.

You can't hurt anything, and can always go back and reset your options at any time.

NOTE: if you wish to receive an email with the actual text of any posting in any area that you have
 set [NOTIFY], go to [PROFILE] (see below) and then 'Notifications and Email' and click on the third
box down that says 'When sending notification of a reply to a topic, send the post in the email'. This will give you the text of the post without having to go to the Forum to read it. Of course, you will still have to go to the Forum to reply to it, but only if you wish to reply.

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Want Just the RCA News Broadcasts? (Meeting announcements, Star Party announcements, Special RCA Function announcements)

Not interested in the Forum and just want the RCA Announcements of RCA Club Activities? Send a message to the Forum Administrators with the request to get the broadcast messages only and you will receive only the special RCA Club Announcements (only a few a month). You can still go at any time to the Forum, sign in and read all of the Forum messages any time you wish. The Broadcast is our only means of communications for RCA Club Announcements to all members. The Forum is great for discussions and other information.

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Want to change your password?

Want to add your website location?

Want to add an avatar (small 65x65 pixel picture of you on your profile and posts)? Note: it is nice to have a small picture of you rather than an object so we can recognize you in the daylight.

Want to change the options on how you look at the Forum, preferences, layout, notifications, and /or receive text inside your notification messages, etc?

Log into the Forum and click on the [PROFILE]  button at the top of the page.

This is where you can Modify any of your Profile settings.

You can add an avatar picture (a small picture of you and/or your scope or whatever) also (65 pixels x 65 pixels).

You can't hurt anything, and can always go back and reset your options at any time.

Don't forget to click the "Change Profile" at the bottom if you wish to save the changes.


For another view of this see THIS PAGE

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Forgot your password or having trouble logging in?

When you go to log into the RCA Forum, at the very BOTTOM of the Login page is a link to "Forgot your Password?"
That will take you to a page that will ask for either your login name or email address. Enter either one and click on the [Send] button.
An email will be sent to the email address on record. That email will have a link to allow you to set a new password.

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Personal Messages?

Email addresses are not seen by anyone (well, except the Forum Administrator).

Want to send a message to just one person, or a couple of people? At the top of all the pages is a button for [MY MESSAGES]. This will take you to the mail portion of the Forum where you can receive and send personal messages without the whole world seeing your message. It will also allow you to search for any RCA member that is signed up for the Forum and send them a PM (Private Message) {another good reason for all RCA members to sign up for the Forum}. They will receive an email notification that there is a PM for them on the Forum PM area.

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Want to find an old message?

There is a [SEARCH] button at the top of every page that will allow you to search all the posts on the Forum for any keywords.

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Need Help?

At the top of each page is a [HELP] button that will give you an extensive help file on the various functions of the Forum. Still have questions? There is a Forum Feedback topic under the category General Discussion where you can ask questions and post your observations about the Forum.

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Still having problems? Contact the Forum Administrator

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