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Astronomers Without Borders


Located in Portland, Oregon, the Rose City Astronomers (RCA) is the largest amateur astronomy club in the Pacific Northwest. As a non-profit volunteer organization, RCA is dedicated to promoting the enjoyment and education of astronomy to our members and the general public. A general membership meeting is held on the third Monday of each month at OMSI, usually featuring a noted guest speaking on an astronomy-related topic. Guests and potential members are welcome to attend any of our meetings.

SkyTools3 Orders
Deadline for payment is Nov 8th.

November Meetings
RCA Board Meeting
Monday - Nov 3rd - 7pm
Friday - Nov 7th - Noon
Telescope Workshop
Saturday - Nov 8th - 10am-3pm
Astro-Imaging SIG
Wednesday - Nov 12th - 7pm
New Members Orientation
Monday - Nov 17th - 6:30pm
General Meeting
Monday - Nov 17th - 7:30pm
Cosmology SIG
Wednesday - Nov 19th - 7pm

Cascadia Meteorite Laboratory, annual open house, and meteorite sale and auction.
Saturday Nov. 8, 2-7 pm.  PSU Geology Dept., Cramer Hall room 17.  SW Broadway & Mill.

Donations to RCA
Make a personal tax deductible donation to:
General Fund,
Youth Education and Scholarship Fund,
Book Library,
Telescope Library,
Observing Site Acquisition Project
Rewards Programs give RCA donations
Fred Meyer
etc. at no cost to you.
Employee Matching Programs and Volunteer Hours


.August 21, 2017 Eclipse is coming to Oregon!


Next Haggart Observatory Public Night
Saturday November 15th, 7pm-10pm

Next RCA General Meeting at OMSI
1945 SE Water Ave, Portland, OR
Monday, November 17th

6:30 pm New Members Orientation
OMSI Planetarium

7:30 p.m. Announcements and Reports
OMSI Auditorium

8:00 p.m. Speaker: David Ingram
Topic: IDA and Dark Skies
OMSI Auditorium

Parking is FREE for all of our meetings at OMSI
Guests and potential members are free to attend
The OMSI Auditorium is equipped with T-coil Audio Loop

Click for Portland, Oregon Forecast

This week's Sky at a Glance from Sky & Tel Magazine

The Sky This Week from Astronomy Magazine

Monthly Sky Charts from Orion Telescopes

Monthly Sky Charts from Skymaps

Today's Sun from Spaceweather

Visible Satellite Flybys from Spaceweather

American Meteor Society list of Meteor Showers
You can also report Fireballs here

Comet Chasing this month from Skyhound

Rosette Gazette Newsletters

October 2014

Light Pollution - a Radio Broadcast with Dave Ingram
NW District Chairman of the IDA

Losing The Dark - a six-minute video about Light Pollution

City of Portland Planning and Sustainability
Public Hearing on Draft 2035 Comprehensive Plan
Tuesday, November 4th 4p-8p
1900 SW 4th Ave, Suite 2500A
Policy 4.28.e:Light Pollution
Notes from David Nemo to RCA Members
Suggestion for Testimony
If you go to testify, may we suggest: push cost of excessive lighting going where it's not needed, ease of installing cutoff fixtures, light trespass, health concerns, effect of animals and birds. Hit them in the wallet and health.
If you can't go, write!

Past Programs & Presenters at RCA Meetings

RCA Members who have completed
Astronomical League Observing Programs

Our Sister Club

GAMA (Grupo de Astronomos Mendocinos Aficionados)
Mendoza, Argentina

Many of our members have taken trips to Mendoza
Read about their adventures here

Articles on Southern Hemisphere Observing
by Leo Cavagnaro, GAMA, Mendoza, Argentina



We're on Facebook as
"Rose City Astronomers"

We're on Twitter as

For information about how to start, suggested books and charts, types of telescopes, star gazing tips, introduction to star parties, lists of observable objects, Astronomical League Notes and Awards, check the Resources - Information section of our website

For more information contact the Officer or Leader as listed on the event page or the Contacts page.

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Top image credits: Center, Jan Keiski & Dave Duncan; 2 side images, Dave Haworth; Complete image editing & processing, Diana Murray