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Oregon Dark Skies

Rose City Astronomers are proud members of the International Dark Sky Association.

News, articles, multimedia and more from the IDA!

The RCA IDA Chairman is Dawn Nilson who can be reached at ida@rosecityastronomers.org.

Why are engineers, medical professionals, and amateur astronomers, concerned about the effects of Light Pollution?

  • Some studies show: the effects of not sleeping in total darkness can degrade the immune system of animals and humans. 

  • Poor lighting and wasted energy is misuse of electricity and money.

  • Misdirected light, 'Light Trespass' is a nuisance and architecturally unappealing.

  • Studies show that various uses of lighting may actually increase crime, just exactly the opposite of what people try to achieve.

  • The light pollution from inferior lighting design on highways creates a hazard to driving known as 'Road Glare.'

  • The light polluted night sky is a priceless educational resource lost to poor lighting management.

Dark Skies Northwest  is dedicated to preserving and promoting beautiful night time skies in the Northwest United States. If you live in the Northwest and are member of the IDA, then you're a member of Dark Skies Northwest! The astronomers in Oregon and Southern Washington are lucky to have such dark sky areas. See the RCA Star Party Sites



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