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Telescope Workshop Special Interest Group

This telescope workshop is open monthly from 10am - 3pm usually on the Saturday closest to the full moon.

If you need help with a telescope project, need to clean or align your optics, or just want to talk about telescopes, come to the workshop.
We have test equipment, tools, books and a lot of enthusiasm and knowledge to help you.

Activities include telescope building from scratch or a kit, telescope setup, cleaning, aligning, adjustment, and help using your telescope.

You can drop in anytime from 10am - 3pm, bring your telescope, materials, questions, etc.

All meetings are held in the Technical Marine Service building at 6040 North Cutter Circle
(see directions below).

Check the Calendar for the next workshop.

Contact information:
SIG Leader = John DeLacy at tw-sig@rosecityastronomers.org
Assistant = Don Peckham at tw-sig@rosecityastronomers.org

Many thanks to Dan Gray (Technical Marine Service and Sidereal Technology) for the use of the work space.

The SIG is held at the Technical Marine Service, Inc. on Swan Island):

To get to the Technical Marine Service, Inc. on Swan Island: (Google Map HERE)

  • From I-5 northbound (or southbound also) take exit 303 (Swan Island exit) and head west after you get off the freeway. From the northbound direction, this means staying to your left and heading west on North Going Street.

  • Follow this past Interstate Ave. and go down the hill towards Swan Island.

  • Get in the right hand lane and at the bottom of the hill follow the signs to Mocks Landing and veer to the right onto Basin Ave.

  • Go about 1.5 miles to the signal light at Leverman and turn right and go over the bridge to the first street on the right, which is N. Cutter Circle.

  • Turn right on North Cutter Circle and go to the end of the block to 6040 North Cutter Circle.

TMS is in the first building as you turn in the driveway (there's a big "TMS" on the side of the building. Parking and entry for the workshop is at the side of the building. The entry door is the first door from the corner of the building on the side (next to the big roll up doors.) We'll put a sign on the outside so you'll know you're there.

How close to perfect is the mirror?

Aligning, Fixing, and learning how to use a scope

Building your own? Big or Small?
Help and tools available.


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