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RCA-GAMA Joint Astronomical Conference

September 14-24, 2006

"We can proudly say that the First Joint Astronomical Conference between members of RCA and our GAMA (Grupo de Astronomos Mendocinos Aficionados) hosts of Mendoza, Argentina was a rousing, unmitigated success - thanks primarily to the unending warmth and graciousness of our hosts." - Margaret McCrea

Here we are with our GAMA friends, guides & deluxe tour bus - high on the Andes!

Margaret's article on the trip to Argentina - published in the October 2006 Rosette Gazette

Bob McGown's article on viewing the Solar Eclipse from Argentina - Published in the October 2006 Rosette Gazette

Bob McGown's & Dareth Murray's article on the trip - published in the December 2006 Rosette Gazette

Greg Babcock's website on Argentina

Names of those who went on the trip:

Margaret McCrea - fearless leader
Rod & Jan Shea
Greg & Joni Babcock
Bob McGown
Dareth Murray
Jim Woodruff & Lynn Monahan
Steve & Jan Katz
Larry & Lonnie Swenson
Elaine Carlson
Marianne Haluska
Ken Hose
Rob Guttridge
Robin Baker
Pat Hanrahan

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