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Grupo de Astronomos Mendocinos Aficionados (GAMA)
Mendoza, Argentina

A message from Leo Cavagnaro, GAMA Liaison to RCA:

When I see friends from RCA visiting Mendoza to enjoy the Southern Skies with us and to share our common affection for that marvelous science called astronomy, I can not forget how far we can go when enthusiasm is present and we carry out projects and joint activities taking into account two of the most important things to have in mind, in my opinion, carrying out proposed projects and quality.

Some years ago I sent from my computer an e-mail to RCA Group in Oregon because I saw on the internet a great and enthusiastic group of amateur astronomers up there. Since that day we have enjoyed together several great activities, at first from the distance, then together. Personally I think one of the most awesome things to do in astronomy is to share the skies with people from other parts of the world. That enriches our souls and our knowledge in this beautiful science. Never forget to look up and enjoy the stars!

Sincerely, Leo Cavagnaro.

Leo Cavagnaro has written many excellent articles for the Rosette Gazette on observing the southern skies.

He has also recently written a book with detailed descriptions of 176 of the Best Southern Sky Objects.


How to get to Mendoza, Argentina
by Margaret McCrea

19 RCA members traveled to Mendoza for 10 days in 2006
Read about their adventures

Alcon 2007
photo by Jan Keiski
August 2007
3 GAMA members traveled to Oregon for ALCON 2007 and OSP
Leo Cavagnaro, Jose Galli (Pepe) and Carlos Gutierrez

Oregon Star Party
photo by Jan Keiski


Article on trip in February 2008
by Jan Keiski

Jan Keiski's trips to Mendoza

Article on trip in December 2008

by Jan Keiski

  On January 18, 2010, RCA and GAMA held a joint meeting via web conferencing.
photo by Greg Babcock

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