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Viewing in the Southern Hemisphere
by Leo Cavagnaro

Leo Cavagnaro is the GAMA Liaison to RCA and a regular contributor to the RCA Rosette Gazette.

He has also recently written a book with detailed descriptions of 176 of the Best Southern Sky Objects. This guide will help you learn the Southern Sky and develop an observing agenda in preparation for a visit to the Southern Hemisphere.

This is a collection of his articles on the Southern Skies that he has written for inclusion in the RCA newsletter.

Extragalactic Supernova Remnants - Appeared in the October 2014 Rosette Gazette

Striking Nebulae in the Large Magellanic Cloud - Appeared in the April 2013 Rosette Gazette

A Remarkable Complex in the Vicinity of 30 Doradus - Appeared in the May 2012 Rosette Gazette

A Modified Messier Marathon for Southern Observers - Appeared in the April 2012 Rosette Gazette

Antlia Cluster of Galaxies - Appeared in the October 2011 Rosette Gazette

Southern Skies Messier Marathon Star Party - Appeared in the February 2011 Rosette Gazette

An Enigmatic Structure in Our Local Universe - The LMC - Appeared in the December 2010 & April 2011 Rosette Gazette

The Extragalactic HII Region N11 and it's Surrounding Field - Appeared in the April 2010 Rosette Gazette

Identifying RCW Nebulae in Constellation Carina - Appeared in the April, June & August 2009 Rosette Gazettes

Interacting Galaxies in the Southern Sky - Appeared in the January, December 2009, February 2010 Rosette Gazettes

The Globular Clusters System of the Fornax Dwarf Galaxy - Appeared in the December 2008 Rosette Gazette

2008 Lunar Eclipse in Argentina - Appeared in the October 2008 Rosette Gazette

Observing Nebulae in Vela-Puppis-Canis Region - Appeared in the June & July 2008 Rosette Gazette

2007 Solar Eclipse in Argentina - Appeared in the September 2007 Rosette Gazette


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Leo with GAMA/RCA sign
at Hotel Aconcagua
In Mendoza, Argentina
Joint GAMA-RCA Conference
September, 2006

Written by Leo Cavagnaro
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