Star Parties


Observing and Tips for Star Parties

RCA members have compiled these lists of simple tips from good and disastrous personal experiences, to help make your hours of stargazing more enjoyable.

Star Party Etiquette - courtesies, parking, lights, etc. to make star parties more enjoyable.

Observing Tips - Lights, charts, etc. and tips on how to view in the dark.

Recommended Star Party Supplies

Beginners Best - Where to start for books, charts, magazines, etc.

How To Start - Some tips on how to start

Observing - An introduction to observing

Types of telescopes - Refractors, Reflectors, Dobs. What's the Difference?

Getting Started - How to use a telescope

Constellations - A quick introduction to the night sky

Finder Charts, Log Books, etc. for various Astronomical League Observing Lists


Messier Marathon Chart - By right ascension for March skies.

Messier Marathon Chart for Binoculars -  Binocular version of the Messier Marathon.



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